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Wellbeing Packages

Illness, sick leave and absenteeism can increase business costs either through physical illness or ill mental health. 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems at some point in their lives and these can be exacerbated or linked to the amount of stress a person is under.

In order to nurture your employees, and reduce absenteeism costs you may be considering how you can improve your employees wellbeing. 

How Reflexology can help.

The theory behind reflexology is that it balances the various systems of the body, bringing those working too hard down to normal, while increasing those systems that are a bit sluggish to normal levels.

Reflexology is an easy to receive therapy, probably more so than many therapies as there is little removal of clothes.  As it is only carried out on the extremities such as feet and hands it also tends to be acceptable to all ages and cultures. 


Long term chronic stress is bad for the body. By trying reflexology you are allowing the body to relax and the stress to lessen. It also gives the areas of the body that need rebalancing the opportunity to do so. This results in happier, less irritable members of the workforce and at the least may also strenthen their immune systems. 

Corporate packages are tailored to the needs of your employees and take the form of shorter sessions to fit with the working day. Both foot and hand reflexology is offered.