Tiny Feet

Maternity Reflexology

Sessions include supporting conception right through to postnatal recovery. In addtion to the individual sessions I can also offer partner packages. Please see separate tab for more information. 

Hot Stone Reflexology


Hot stones 2.jpg

Hot stone reflexology is a reflexology session using naturally shaped basalt stones, handpicked from volcanic riverbeds that are heated using a special bag and applied to the feet and lower legs. Hot stone reflexology takes relaxation to a deeper level and can have a tranquilising effect. Studies have shown that the effects of heat and massage application can lower cortisol levels and can help support the parasympathetic nervous system in helping the body reverse the stress reaction (Yonsei Med J.2011 Nov1;52 (6): 982-989. Published online 2011 Oct 20.doi: PMCID: PMC3220246.)


Some of benefits of hot stone reflexology may


  • Increased circulation,

  • Increased elimination of waste products,

  • Releasing tension in connective tissue,

  • Reduction in muscle tension,

  • Promotes deep relaxation and de stresses,

  • Increased action of leukocytes and lymhatic                                       function.


This is a lovely soothing, nurturing treatment delivered in the comfort of your own home and can leave you with a wonderful grounding feeling.



Aromatherapy Reflexology

This is a reflexology treatment using a combination of essential oils to create your own personal blend.

This is an interactive process where we talk about what areas you would like to target, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. You get to smell the blend first and not only is it used in the treatment but you can take the rest home to use in between treatments!


Functional Reflex Therapy 

These are reflexology sessions aimed at children and adults with additional needs. 

I also run self help workshops and train parents in the technique to use with their own family members.