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Natural ways of managing the menopause!

How does it make you feel when you hear the word Menopause? This next stage in a woman’s life doesn’t really get talked about and there is still minimal discussion in the media about the menopause.

There has long been a lot of negativity around the menopause. For example physicians such as Thomas Sydenham described “hysteria fits” between women aged 45-50 and felt that cutting women to make them bleed would alleviate their symptoms. Many women died as a result of this. 13 out of the 19 women who were executed at The Salem Witch trials were thought to be menopausal and attitudes did not change much in the Victorian time period, where women were locked up or institutionalised as menopause was viewed as a mental illness. Practices during this time such vaginal douches of lead, morphine and chloroform were also common, so you can imagine how poisonous this was to women. THANK GOODNESS for forward thinking Samuel Ashwell (1798-1857) who didn’t see menopausal women as ill, but recommended reducing alcohol, exercising and vegetarianism. Marie Stopes (1880-1958) campaigner for womens rights spoke out against the medical professions frightful and misleading view of the menopause and advised “not to worry and carry on as though nothing special was happening.”

What a difference it would make to our mindset if we as women viewed this next stage in our life as a “new beginning” “an opportunity” where we can review our “sense of purpose” and what we want in life.

What do you want for the next phase in your life? How can you achieve that?

Over this month I will be discussing natural options with you!

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