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Aromatherapy Reflexology is here!

So this happened recently.....

I met up with a group of reflexologists to train in using Aromatherapy Essential Oils as a treatment option!

I'm really excited about this as it means I can mix my own blends to suit your needs. This is an interactive process where we talk about what areas you would like to target, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. You get to smell the blend first and not only is it used in the treatment but you can take the rest home to use in between treatments!

Aromatherapy is the controlled use of essential oils to maintain and/or improve the health of the mind, body and spirit (Price. S; 1993, The Aromatherapy Workbook: a complete guide to understanding and using essential oils. Thorsons.)

The essential oil can be found in small glands in the leaves, fruit, flowers, wood, and on the outside and deep inside roots.

Each essential oil has it's own properties. The oils are used by the plants for two reasons for protection from predators and for reproduction to attract bees to cross pollinate.

There is probably only 10% of plants that produce essential oils.

Essential oils have been used for many years but we have direct evidence when they began being recorded about 5000BC. As understanding developed they were used by priests and physicians for medicines and perfumes. Health became viewed as a balance amongst natural elements.

The way we use essential oils so they enter the body is through absorption and inhalation, this way they can travel around the body.

It is thought that plants and trees can communicate with each other through releasing essential oils.

If you would like to learn more about incorporating aromatherapy into your reflexology treatments please message me.

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