• Clare

What games did you enjoy as a child that led to you taking it further in adulthood?!

For me I was always in the field next to my house chopping up grass and daisy's with slate I had found, and mixing it with soil. I would then put it in my makeshift oven (usually a ready made hole in the ground) ready for it to bake.

I made the best mud pies!

Then there was the potions I would make in my parents bathroom. Mixing toothpaste with shampoo and bubble bath, I loved it ;-)

I would like to think that I have refined my skills over the years and have swapped my mud and toothpaste mixes for baking cakes. Some of my creations are below.

Imagine my excitement therefore, when I came across a course where I could make my own individual aromatherapy blends to suit the individual needs of my reflexology clients! This will be an option available to clients as soon as the government allows me to practice again. Really looking forward to seeing everybody!

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