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Maternity Reflexology


I am now offering Reflexology to support conception. 



Whilst pregnancy can  be an exciting time it can also be a rollercoaster! 

Reflexology in pregnancy aims to optimise the health and wellbeing of the woman during this time. 


This is a relaxing treatment which usually lasts around an hour and 15 minutes including getting you in a comfortable position.


All treatments involve a consultation, and regularly reviewed treatment plans. The focus of the treatment can be adapted to different symptoms you are experiencing e.g  morning sickness, swollen ankles, pelvic girdle pain etc.   

Benefits of reflexology in pregnancy

Reflexology offers an invaluable space where you can focus completely on yourself and your baby away from the stresses of daily life.

Many women choose to have reflexology whilst pregnant as it can encourage deep relaxation, reduce anxiety, reduce feelings of stress and can improve the quality of sleep. 

When can I have reflexology?


You can have reflexology throughout your first, second and third trimester of pregnancy following a consultation with myself to ensure it is safe and appropriate to receive a treatment. 

As you approach the birth of your baby we can start to help you prepare with some preparation for birth treatments. Although I do not claim to induce labour, the treatments will focus on relaxing you at a time when anxiety levels are often high. 

Once your baby is here, alongside feelings of joy and excitement you may also be feeling quite tearful and low due to falling hormone levels. This can be exacerbated by sleepless nights. It is important that you talk to your midwife about how you are feeling at this time.

This can be another important time when you may be considering having a reflexology session. Research studies have shown that post natal women had improved quality of sleep with reflexology which can help you feel more able to cope. If you are considering reflexology at this time I can come to you and carry out treatments within your home.




What clients have said about reflexology during pregnancy









Partner package 


Expecting a baby with your partner can be a tricky time to navigate.


Balancing anti natal appointments, work commitments and wondering how you can best support the mother to be can leave you feeling stressed. This is why I have introduced the partner package. This is a when a maternity reflexology appointment is booked together with a reflexology session for the partner at the same time.



Maternity reflexology session   £45.00      


Partner package                    £75.00   

"I feel amazing, honestly, yesterday has made my hips feel lots better already & I have had one of the best nights sleep ever! I'm so grateful."

"My morning sickness really improved following the sessions."